With time, comes change.
Over 25 years and still growing!

The NEW generation 2 flower pouches now have the grower-requested features of half-moon openings for easier planting and better collection of water.

  • Guaranteed for 12 month growing season
  • Half Moon Openings
  • UV Protected
  • Loop Handle, or Dual (Saddle Style)

With Generation 2 Flower Pouches – You Choose!

Loop Handle – 8 planting holes
Loop Handle – 4 planting holes
Loop Handle – 6 planting holes
Loop Handle – 3 planting holes

Generation Dual – 8 planting holes

100% of our customers now exclusively use our 8-hole vs. the 10-hole flower pouch, which saves on plant costs and performs better than other pouches or wall bags. Additionally, our half-moon openings create a watering trough when the front of the pouch is watered. Industry experts and our growers have indicated that dry bottoms can occur in the bottom two plants of the original 10-hole flower pouch, causing water suffering. To prevent this, you would need to purchase a Thirst-Quenching device, which would affect your material costs.

Fill Pouch

Choose the plants you wish to use, then fill pouch with a moist soilless mixture.

Plant seedlings or annuals in the push through openings and top while pouch lays flat.
Water and Fertilize

Water daily! Allow up to 5 days for plants to mature before hanging. Use soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer once a week keeping Generation 2 flower pouch evenly moist

Generation 2 Pouches are now designed to hang anyway & anywhere!

Use a good soilless mix with peat, vermiculite and perlite. It should include a wetting agent and start charge. It’s easier if the mix is slightly moist (not wet) when you fill.

X. 512, 432, 406, 392, 342, 338, 288 plugs work best, but you can use anything up to a 1204 cell.

8-6: Planting Holes
Perfect for: Impatiens, Begonias, Pansies, Verbena, Petunias, Million Bells, Coleus, Viola, Bridal, Veil, Scaevola, Portulaca, Lantana, Chrysanthemums

4-3: Planting Holes
Perfect for: New Guinea Imatiens, Ivy Geraniums, Purple Wave, Fall Mums, Herb Gardens, Vegetable Gardens or Salsa Gardens; Lettuce.

All of us at Generation 2 Flower Pouch would like to thank all of our growing
customers to date, who have successfully re-energized their pouch business.

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